The UK has a long history of nursing schools,
now boasting over 700 nurse training programmes in the nation.

Nursing Schools Directory in U.K.

Nursing schools in UK

Nurses are in demand, and the demand for RN registered nurses, practical nurses and skilled health care workers is projected to keep increasing for many years. The time has never been better to consider a nursing career. While many student nurses are University educated, Her Majesty's government has agreed to limit tuition fees, plus a stipend or bursary may sometimes be provided for living expenses. Nurse training has never been more technical, specialized or challenging.

Community care and disease prevention have received increased focus in recent years, so opportunities have improved for nurses, and they are not strictly limited to care, cure and treatment of ill and injured patients.

Nurse salaries have increased with the larger responsibilities now assumed by nurses. A nurse executive director (formerly a "matron") may now receive a beginning pay package of £40,000 in a smaller hospital trust, while senior grades of advanced practice nurses can earn even higher salaries. There are a variety of career paths available within the nursing profession, many of which extend outside the medical field, including leadership positions in education, practice and multi-professional healthcare research, internationally as well as at at local and national levels.

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