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Nursing homes, also known as care homes, residential care homes, full time care facilities and convalescent homes, provide jobs for nurses, nursing assistants, nutritionists, dietitians, social care workers, orderlies, housekeepers and maintenance staff. Nursing homes may specialize in certain types of care, including:
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Nursing Homes: Nursing homes include the same offerings as residential homes, such as accommodation, meals and personal care, and in addition they have qualified nurses always on-site. Often specialist dementia care is provided. Nursing homes are usually more expensive than residential homes due to the presence of qualified nurses, although the NHS now contributes to nursing care fees. The minimum age for admission is normally 65, however some individual homes may accept younger residents.

Dementia Care: Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia related conditions in older people are the most common mental illnesses, and specialist care may be available in nursing homes. Larger facilities may have specialist units providing demential care by experienced nursing staff.

Specialist Care: Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's Disease, and care for young physically disabled patients (YPD) may be available in some nursing homes.

Respite Care: Respite Care is sort term care, giving a break to carers, or when a carer may not be available for a time. Some homes may offer respite care in special rooms, and others may use vacant rooms for respite care.

Convalescent or Post-Operative Care: Convalescent care is short term care for patients who are recovering from surgery or illness. Usually nursing homes offer both convalescent and post-operative care.

Palliative and Terminal Care: Also known as hospice care, palliative and terminal care are active and compassionate care for terminally ill and chronically ill patients. This specialist care focuses on quality of life and pain control.

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