Chiropractors use manipulation to adjust the spinal column.

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Chiropractic offices may employ chiropractors, office staff, assistants and interns. Chiropractic is the third largest type of healthcare, behind modern mainstream medicine and dentistry. Many millions of people worldwide visit chiropractors and receive chiropract treatments.

Spinal Adjustment & Manipulation

Chiropractors use spinal adjustment and manipulation to treat patients, in accordance with the theory that a mis-aligned spinal column is the cause of many illnesses. Chiropractic is a form of holistic health care, which recognizes that diet, rest, exercise and environment are all contributing factors to health, healing and well being . Chiropractors focus on nonsurgical, drugless, natural treatments, and make use of the body's ability to naturally recuperate.

Straighten Up UK

The British Chiropractic Association at has developed Straighten Up UK, a simple exercise programme for posture improvement that takes only three minute per day. Doing these simple excercises daily can improve posture and strengthen the spine. Free leaflet available: order order "Straighten Up UK" here by email and include your name and mailing address.

Chiropractic Theory & Practice

Chiropractic theory holds that the bones of the spinal column may become disjointed, trapping or pinching nerves (sublusation) which can result in loss of communication between the central nervous system and the affected organ or body part. Chiropractic treatment consists of adjusting the spinal column to allow natural, internal healing to take place. Chiropractors schedule regular treatment sessions, and treatment may take weeks or months. Chiropractors are trained in neuroscience, anatomy and x-ray.

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